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   EU Projects  Summary Document  Project website 

AGICAL+ -Validation of an environmentally friendly system, combining CO2 capture and biofuel production based on algae culture for industrial exhaust application

Algae GHG ALGAE-GHG - Carbon Dioxide Mitigation from Greenhouse Gases in Algal Photosynthetic Systems  ALGAE-GHG
BIONAD Life BioNaD - Naturalised dyes replacing commercial colorants for environmentally friendly leather dyeing and water recycle  Life BioNaD
bucefaloslogga BUCEFALOS- BIUe ConcEpt For A Low nutrient/CarbOn system – regional aqua resource management BUCEFALOS


CO2Algaefix CO2ALGAEFIX - CO2 capture and bio-fixation through microalgal culture CO2ALGAEFIX
Integral carbon IntegralCarbon Development and global enforcement of GHG capture photobioreactors in agroindustrial activities. IntegralCarbon
seamatter SEA-MATTER - Revalorization of coastal algae wastes in textile nonwoven industry with applications in building noise isolation SEA-MATTER


Information exchange Events    
Life infoday networking event LIFE Infoday Networking Event 10th of July 2014  
Biospain2014 BioSpain Fair 24-26 th of September 2014 Iden Biotechnology
MASTALMOND Mastalmond 19th of November 2014  
CETAQUA Cetaqua 27th of November 2014  
30th of March 2015 Micro B3-MaCuMBA-PharmaSea

Biobased economy event 30th of April 2015  
redit Infoday Regional 14th of July 2015  
6-8th of October 2015 Phyco Biotech , BIOITROPIC
dyes4ever Final Event DYES4EVER 21 th of October 2015  

Final Event BIOMOMI 13th of November 2015