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SEACOLORS mains aim is to diminish the level of pollution generated by the textile industry, which employs high quantities of water and chemicals, one of the most important being the dyestuffs. All the dyes emplyed are synthetic and from a non-renewable or sustainable source. Synthetic dyes are pollutants during their manufacturing and use due to the residues content (2-50% depending on the dye and fiber type).

SEACOLORS purpose is to demonstrate and validate the obtainment of natural dyes from a sustainable and renewable source, ALGAE, and their application in the textile industry in order to replace the synthetic dyes, which are harmful and pollutant for the environment.

Main objectives are the following:

  • Selection of algae with high dyeing capacity and potential for biomass cultivation 
  • Improvement of the alageĀ“s dye content through optimization of their growth conditions
  • Optimization of the dyeing process and minimazing the auxiliary chemicals employed
  • Evaluation of textile fastness







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