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A. Preparatory actions:
    A.1 Study and selection of algae with dye capacity

B. Implementation actions:
    B.1 Study of growing conditions of algae to increase dyes substance
    B.2 Validation and demonstration of the application of algae dyes in textile dyeing process.
    B.3 Extraction of dyes from algae

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions:
    C.1 Monitoring the environmental impact of the project actions
    C.2 Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project actions

D. Communication and dissemination actions:
    D.1 Dissemination and Communication:
    D.2 Project Website
    D.3 Project Noticeboards
    D.4 Layman´s Report

E. Project management and monitoring of the project progress:
    E.1 Project Management
    E.2 After LIFE+ communication plan
    E.3 Creation of an information exchange network with other projects
    E.4 Project audit

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