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The Spanish Bank of Algae (BEA)

banco-espanolThe Spanish Bank of Algae (BEA) as a national centre for R+D+i of the University of Las Palmas G.C. (ULPGC) is recognized, by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), as an authorized culture collection for tropical, subtropical and extremophiles microalgae and cyanobacteria, particularly from the Macaronesian Region. Being a member of the European Culture Collection Organization (ECCO) and the World Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC), BEA is accredited to the Spanish Government as an authority for the deposit of algae with the purposes of recognition of industrial poperty.
As a Research Center, members have got a wide experience in laboratory and pilot-scale cultivation of microalgae (including cyanobacteria) and marine macroalgae, at different laboratory- and pilot-scale photobioreactors, tanks and raceways. BEA main goal is to develop, under the frame of the "Marine Agronomy" concept, an important agro-industrial sector based upon Algal Biotechnology (algae cultivation and application developments). Research objectives include physiology, biochemistry, biomass transformation and industrial applications of marine algal biomass under intensive cultivation, and the development of biofiltration systems using algae.


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