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BIOSPAINHelena Abreu, Co-founder and R&D Director of ALGAplus, on behalf of SEACOLORS consortium presented main objectives and outcomes of the project during BioSpain 2014. This event is the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association (ASEBIO) in Europe and one of the largest in the world by the number of one-to-one meetings (3.327) and companies participating (855).

The presentation took place during the session named: A quick immersion in marine biotech business. At this session, several entities presented their projects, advances and opportunities offered by the large proportion of marine biodiversity. Particularity, microbial biodiversity, which is still undiscovered and has a large potential in biotechnological applications.


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Networking Meeting the 27th November of AQUATIK, aWARE and LIFE WIRE


On the 27th November a Networking meeting will be organized by three LIFE projects coordinated by CETaqua. Those projects are AQUATIK, aWARE and LIFE WIRE.

The event will take place at Can Serra’s installations, in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain), and its objective will be to exchange opinions and thoughts as well as sharing the particular goals of each project. Different publicly funded research projects have been invited to this meeting.

AQUATIK, aWARE and LIFE WIRE  projects are financed by the LIFE+ program  of the European Commission and are coordinated by CETaqua, which is a private non-profit foundation that integrates, manages and executes research projects with the aim of proposing innovative solutions to companies, governments and society in the area of the integral water cycle

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Mastalmond Workshop

Next Wednesday, 19th of November, AITEX will participate in a practical workshop of LIFE+ call focused to show the benefits that could obtain the MASTALMONDcompanies from manufacturing sector (children’s articles, textile, footwear and furniture) through the environmental solutions set-up. This workshop, will take place in the AIJU Research Institute’s headquarters and will have as main objective to present the action lines in which the institutes are working on at environmental level co-financed by the EC through LIFE+ call. 

The event will finish with a practical session in which it will be taken into account the needs of the companies in environmental issues in order to adjust to the novelties, legislation and other requirements.

For more information and inscription to the website:


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asebioASEBIO involved in a project in the Cooperation Programme of the Seventh Framework Programme called "VALORISING BIOREFINERY BY-PRODUCTS". The objective of this project is the development of biotechnological methods for the conversion of by-products from biorefinery in biological value added products.

It is scheduled to last 4 years, starting in 2014.

Also, ASEBIO is involved in the project within the Capacities program of the Seventh Framework Programme called "ECOPAINT BIO-BASED FORMULATIONS ". 

The project objective is to develop new bio-based organic solvents by using renewable resources to replace petrochemical sources commonly used in the paint and coatings industry, maintaining its performance and properties but with a reduced carbon footprint.

It is scheduled to last 27 months, starting in 2014

Also ASEBIO, has launched a mobile application this year, InvestBio, collecting 365 biotechnology projects related to ephemeris scientific and cultural character throughout 2014 - Year of Biotechnology in Spain. With this new application associated with your calendar you will receive all the updated information on the 365 most innovative projects in the biotechnology sector every day information.

This free mobile application has been developed with support from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the convening of Innovative Business Groups, and help to disseminate the significance and contributions of biotechnology to investors and the general public interested in the field of life sciences, as well as those unfamiliar with this type of technology.

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