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Algae in food and feed

Extraction and Characterization of natural dye from green walnut shells and is use in dyeing PA focus on actibacterial properties

Flash Sectorial: sector textile en españa

Flash sectorial: Sector textil en Europa

Resource efficient and cleaner production in textile sector

Resource Scarcity and Textile Production

Responsible Processing dyeing and finishing

study_on_extracting_natural plant dyestuff by enzyme-ultrasonic method and its dyeing ability

Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies

Chapter 1

Decolorization of Malachite Green and Methylene Blue by Two Microalgal Species

A Simple and Rapid Dual fluorescence Viability Assay

Advantages of algae

Analysis of Photosynthetic Pigments from Blue

Biodegradation of the Textile Dye Malachite Green by Microalgae

Biotechnological applications of microalgae

Blackburn CSIROAlgal Collection

Carotenoids and other pigments as natural

Characterization of new algae isolated from textile wastewater plant

Commercial applications of microalgae

Dyes and colourants from algae

Extracción y Purificación de B ficoeritrina de la microalga roja Rhodosorus marinus

Filamentous cyanobacteria from vojvodina region as source of phycobiliprotein pigments as potential natural colorants

Flow cytometry for the development of biotechnological processes with microalgae

Matchless Pond Dyes

Microbial Production of Food Grade Pigments

Natural coloring pigments

Use of natural carotenoids for colouring of fishes

Commercial and industrial applications of micro algae – A review

Extraction and quatification of pigments from a marine

Potential applications of algal pigments in biology and_industry

Role of Microalgal pigments

Tha Algae

The world dyed by algae

Memoria Ficocan



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